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blockchain - blockbuild

How Blockchain has combated COVID-19

Blockchain in recent times has become extremely essential than ever, and it has really attracted emphasis on the need for visibility, transparency, and most especially trust in all communications. The technology is helping to minimize paperwork and primarily eradicate the need for the back-and-forth dispatch of documents just by digitizing the process. This technology enhances greater privacy,…

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P2P Platforms - blockbuild

Best P2P Platforms in Nigeria

Peer to Peer (P2P) entails any service done directly between individuals with little or no intermediate aid. Peer to Peer is done over a variety of services ranging from sharing data, networks to more complex stuff like loan acquisition. One of the most popular P2P services is the lending service commonly called crowdfunding. In crowdfunding, people come…

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Fintech loan in Nigeria - techbuild

Review: Fintech Loan in Nigeria

The Fintech ecosystem introduced a lot of dynamism into the financial industry. Changing the way transactions are conducted, to the processes of acquiring loans, making investments, and saving money. Fintech loan in Nigeria is the sector of Fintech whose service offerings are loan procurement to its customers. There are a lot of lending startups in Nigeria today,…

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Cryptocurrency API - blockbuild

Top 4 Cryptocurrency API’s for Developers

As a cryptocurrency developer conducting research within the crypto world, there is a number of cryptocurrency APIs to choose from. The future of cryptocurrency developments relies on how many assignments will continuously establish innovative and unique features within application programming interfaces (API) in 2021. However, if you want to strengthen real-time crypto data to help with transactions,…

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