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Credit card - blockbuild

Review: Crypto vs Credit Card

You hear almost everywhere that we are in a cashless economy. For some people, the frequency of making transactions with physical cash has reduced drastically. However, the beginning era of the cashless economy was marked with the use of credit and debit cards. You could simply swipe your card or enter your card details to make…

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FinTech - blockbuild

4 Innovative African Women in FinTech

Africa's fintech ecosystem expands with each stride technology takes. From providing solutions to driving a technological revolution in the financial institution's industry. In this article, we will be shining the spotlight on four(4) of these women and how their innovations are changing the face of traditional financing. In no particular order: Odunayo Eweniyi This first-class graduate of…

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CipherTrace - blockbuild

MasterCard acquires CipherTrace to increase Cryptocurrency Expertise

CipherTrace a company that purchases cryptocurrency has just been acquired by MasterCard. The company is involved in anti-money laundering service and has been acquired to increase its expertise in the field of cryptocurrencies. CipherTrace is a crypto forensics startup that uses sophisticated technology with human intelligence to survey transactions done on a blockchain, and also guide…

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Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies - blockbuild

10 Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies You Should Know

It is no news that the Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining protocol that helps the blockchain technology in cryptocurrency to accurately verify transactions, uses a lot of energy. Little wonder many new cryptocurrencies are developing more eco-friendly ways to secure their transactions. One of the popular eco-friendly ways is the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol which reduces the amount of computing…

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