The Cryptocurrency trend hasn’t just seen the emergence of new coins and other digital assets, it has also led to the establishment of various trading platforms too.

These cryptocurrency trading platforms offer varying benefits in a bit to retain their users and continually add new features to ensure they remain updated with every new blockchain technology.

One such cryptocurrency platform is Bittrex, a cryptocurrency exchange that was co-founded by Bill Shihara, Rami Kawach, and Richie Lai in 2014 to develop an exchange platform built on security and trust.

In line with their mission, Bittrex put up a human face on their Blockchain platform to foster trust making it the first Blockchain technology with a known face attached to it.

In the US, Bittrex has one of the highest numbers of trading selections and is also renowned for having a dependable and well-secured digital wallet. It has has two unique exchange platforms for varying audiences, Bittrex Global and Bittrex.

The Bittrex Global platform was set up much later than the Bittrex platform, with its headquarters in Lichtenstein. This new platform is strictly for all their customers outside the United States of America.

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The platform supports the trading of a huge number of digital assets, however, the new platform still attracted criticism as people wondered if there was another reason other than innovation driving the improvement.

On the other hand, the Bittrex platform, named after the company and also the original trading platform used by Bittrex, supports trading for residents within the United States of America only but with a limited number of trading pairs.

Both platforms however have common aspects, first, Bitcoin is the base currency for any trading pair. Secondly, the service fee decreases as more trade volumes are done from an account.

Both platforms also support trading from third-party platforms and APIs for algorithm trading. It equally sends trade updates and the wallet system information to users.

The platform assure that their users have real-time trading experience as the transactions are fast and reliable.

And to this effect, Bittrex is staying true to the regulations of countries where they operate to ensure early detection and subsequent kick out of unruly users.

The platform funds storage has a multi-layered storage structure first, the funds are stored in an elastic, multi-stage wallet and then kept in cold storage. This security measure extends to its users too, the two-factor authentication is used for this purpose.

The platform in its bit to aid innovation and creativity is set to support any new blockchain technology that will improve the user experience and their service offerings from token to security.

It is evident that the platform has improved so much from what it was when it first entered the market and still looks forward to more improvement, and that’s commendable.

And with the Bittrex Global addition, so many exploits and market penetration awaits the platform.

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