CryptoHawk is an exchange used for buying and selling, it is a financial service provider on blockchain technology.

This platform is the first infrastructure based on blockchain that offers a diverse solution for cryptocurrencies.

The exchange platform also offers required components and tools relevant to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

This exchanges headquarter is in Switzerland.

This platform has 4 major features that make it stand out at all times and they are:

  • It supports paper money
  • It has enabled credit cards which are used as a means of payment in stores
  • It has ATMs that permits immediate buying of cryptocurrencies with the use of paper money
  • It is used as a payment provider

However, CryptoHawk has its own token called Hawk and it developed based on Ethereum smart contract.

CryptoHawk can serve as an exchange for other cryptocurrencies like Ripple (XRP), DASH, Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin (BTC), and paper currency.

One of the limits of hawk is that more will not undergo the creation process once the total issuance number currently available finishes.

A Brief History of CryptoHawk

The all-in-one cryptocurrency solution was suggested firstly in August 2016 and presently the CryptoHawk credit cards are undergoing some tests but will soon be launched officially.

However, concept development, the analysis of the market, as well as the work research commenced in 2017.

In addition, the market campaign for awareness in the spirit of CryptoHawk’s ICO preparation started out in January 2018.

Some major features of the platform are finished and no longer in the development stage with the experimental version of others that are yet to operate.

What you need to know as a Beginner

CryptoHawk aims to trade all the recognized coins and tokens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

However, going far beyond trading the leading crypto coins, as its fundamental essence also sprawl into continuous establishment and promotion of the sufficiency that these cryptocurrencies bring as a means of liquidation in the community across all sectors.

It is targeting all standard transactions of cryptocurrency on various exchanges and also purchasing from local retail stores using any desired and accepted coin. This platform, advocates as an all-in-one solution to cryptocurrency. Furthermore, all listed tokens on the exchange will be braced by all service platforms.

Hawk is an ERC-20 adaptable token that can be stored on any wallet that supports Ethereum.

In addition, the token users are entitled to 25% of all revenues generated by the CryptoHawk platform.

The 25% revenue will be allocated monthly to all token holders.

NB: The holding of the token is what qualifies you for the 25% revenue

In simple words, this platform is a hub for every cryptocurrency need

Finally, CryptoHawk is ready to be the revolutionary blockchain platform, the one that gives support speedily with adequate security procedures and also ensuring trust and transparency.

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