Both Dogecoin and Meme coin were created as a joke and referred to as authentication coins.

Dogecoin is one of the aged cryptocurrencies that gained quite a number of devoted fans and thrived over time from the passion of its community.

However, Meme coin has been on the list of a number of cryptocurrency exchanges or platforms.

Both coins are not bought directly with paper money and converted into Bitcoins before trading as well as you can convert these coins into Bitcoins too on exchanges that have them listed as one of its cryptocurrencies.

In the cases of these coins, you have to buy Bitcoins from any exchange of your choice and then transfer to the exchanges that welcome them as a means to trade like Local Bitcoin, also referred to as a marketplace.

However, local bitcoin is an exchange based on peer-to-peer (P2P) where users are allowed to sell and buy bitcoins to each other as well as from each other.

The Meme coin an infinite supply that does not seem to be decreasing.

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Dogecoin was originally crafted from bitcoin while meme coin is crafted from dogecoin, this makes both coins evidence of work coins.

Dogecoin and Meme coin investments are just like every other cryptocurrency investment and you should only do it with the most preferred amount that you don’t mind letting go of in the case of a loss.

The most difficult part of trading in Meme coin is being able to convince people that it is going to be the next coin to thrive, unlike the dogecoin that has an existing community of loyalists who have grown passion over time and are convinced that it is significant.

They both experience a high circulation and need liquidity pools to trade and make a profit as well as a groundbreaking investment.

Memecoin can be found on Coinbase and has no inherent value while dogecoin cannot be found on the Coinbase exchange which is quite troubling seeing that Coinbase is one of the best exchanges to trade with and use for investment.

How to buy Dogecoin
  • Ensure to get a dogecoin wallet
  • Find your dogecoin address
  • Register to a doge exchange like Binance
  • Now, buy a dogecoin
  • Withdraw your doge through any preferred exchange that has dogecoin like Etoro, Bitpanda, Kraken, Binance

NB: You can only trade Dogecoin through and from your dogecoin wallet and they are classified into hardware wallets like ledger or trezor, software wallets like Exodus, and mobile wallets like Coinomi.

How to trade Meme coin using Coinbase
  • Firstly, register on Coinbase
  • Ensure to buy coins with paper money
  • Then transfer your cryptocurrency to an altcoin exchange
  • Then deposit BITCOIN (BTC) to an exchange
  • Then trade your meme
  • Finally, make sure to store your meme securely in hardware wallets

Some other exchanges you can purchase from are: Binance, Paxful, Poloniex, Bittrex, Mercatox, Coinfalcon, Bitforex

Finally, to be an investor in these cryptocurrencies you must understand the risks that come with them.

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