Nigerian pop celebrity singer, David Adedeji Adeleke popularly known as Davido in a recent tweet endorsed ‘RapDoge’. This is probably the first deflationary meme coin that has the full support of rappers and celebrities.

Quoting one of the tweet, the celebrity singer urged his over 9 million followers to “buy $20, $100 or $1000 worth of rap doge tokens and be ready to make some money.”

In a tweet that followed, Davido had mentioned that he had the thoughts of commencing a  bitcoin trading platform, as he asked in his tweet, “Who listened to me about RapDoge?” This led to an upward movement in the token price of RapDoge by a stunning 100%.

The promoters of the coin has claimed that it is the next big meme coin, however, its value has seen a drop to its pre-shilling levels.

This development from Davido hasn’t been all that welcome from a section of his followers. Recall that the pop singer once endorsed Racksterli a Ponzi scheme that eventually crashed.

Following the crash of the Ponzi scheme, Davido was reported to have ceased tweeting about Racksterli and this has prompted some sections of his followers to hold the same belief for the RapDoge.

Some of his followers have suggested that the pop artist ought to verify the authenticity of the RapDoge project before promoting it.

Daniel Rhega one of his followers, tweeted: “Davido u once influenced a Ponzi scheme company (Racksterli) that allegedly defrauded a lot of people so ensure u run a background check on Rapdoge so ur followers don’t take u at ur word & fall victim to scammers the second time. Publicize a brand only if u are certain it’s legit.”

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