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KurePay - blockbuild

Social Payment App KurePay suspends its Nigerian Operations

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) banned cryptocurrency transactions in Nigeria's banking and financial sector in February 2021. Individuals and companies interested in cryptocurrencies were able to obtain banking and financial services before February 2021 as long as they followed their financial institution's Anti Money Laundering (AML)/ Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. However, since the prohibition, the…

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BICCoN - blockbuild

Freezing of Account not supported by Law – BICCoN

In a statement issued on November 22, The Blockchain Industry Coordinating Committee — Nigeria’s foremost cryptocurrency and blockchain advocacy group (BICCoN) — advises affected companies and individuals to seek legal advice and redress in courts where appropriate. BICCoN maintains that no public or private Nigerian organization should be above the law. The body insists that is unlawful…

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Cryptowisser - blockbuild

Over 70 Crypto Exchanges are Defunct in 2021 – Cryptowisser

Cryptowisser, a renowned Crypto service comparison site, has announced its annual Crypto exchange funeral for November 2021. The list is really the only comprehensive database of "defunct" cryptocurrency exchanges currently available. Regulatory rules, hacking, and an extremely competitive increasing market have all harmed numerous exchanges in recent years. Six of the exchanges included in the full report…

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Zimbabwe - blockbuild

Zimbabwe’s Government seeks Private Sectors input for Crypto Policies

The Zimbabwean government has consulted a number of private sectors in order to acquire information and opinions on how to proceed with cryptocurrency policies. Brigadier General Charles Wekwete, the Permanent Secretary and Head of the e-Government Technology Unit in the President's Office said during a Computer Society Zimbabwe (CSZ) meeting that conversations with the business sector…

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