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Trading bots - blockbuild

Signs to spot Fake Crypto Trading Bots

If you've hung around long enough in the crypto space, you would agree with me that the activities of scam projects and coins that promise mouth-watering returns on investment skyrocket whenever bulls dominate the crypto market. The tempo of such shady activities has heightened as scammers, through social media channels, now use fake trading bots and…

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Free crypto - blockbuild

4 Ways to earn Free Crypto

Everyone loves to earn free crypto, especially because it has a great potential to increase in value. So whether you are seeking low-cost access into the crypto market or you are just looking to expand your collection, earning free crypto is a good place to start. However, just as the crypto market expands so are the ways…

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virtual credit cards - blockbuild

Tips for using Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual credit cards can be used for online purchases and can be connected to a particular vendor for multiple payments but a setup process is required. However, in recent times security infringements are taking the front row on almost every news platform regularly, which is prompting hesitations in consumers about using credit cards for online transactions. The…

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Bitcoin Forks - techbuild

Review: Things to know about Bitcoin Forks

At the introduction of cryptocurrency into the world of finance, Bitcoin was designed to function as a circulated digital substitute to cash. Over time, more cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XPR) were created, however many of them didn’t just come into existence but were most likely birthed from a Fork. Furthermore, a fork is simply a…

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Defi scams - techbuild

How to spot Defi Scams

Defi is simply a system where financial products are available on a public decentralized blockchain network and they are open to anyone to use instead of going through intermediaries like brokerages or banks. Defi is the abbreviation for Decentralized Finance as well as it is generous with innovations but liable to scam activities. Defi is a system…

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