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Chainalysis - blockbuild

Kenya, Nigeria top Leading Adopters of Cryptocurrency in Africa – Chainalysis Reports

Reports according to Chainalysis a crypto research company has ranked Kenya as the leading adopter of cryptocurrency on the African continent. Crypto adoption is gradually hitting the skies for emerging markets and Africa is not left out of this development. Following Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Ukraine, Kenya and Nigeria ranked fifth and sixth respectively according to the…

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Fintech - blockbuild

Overview: Fintech in Nigeria

Globally, institutions that offer financial services have come under intense competition with Fintech banks or startups — Innovative firms leveraging technology to deliver seamless financial service offerings to corporate institutions and consumers. In Nigeria, the tech ecosystem is experiencing exponential growth due to the nation's youthful and tech-savvy population. Investors are maximizing the market opportunities…

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Fintech Apps - blockbuild

Top 10 Fintech Apps in Nigeria

One big purpose Fintech is serving in this generation is by making financial transactions easy and stress-free. Technology is revolutionizing the different sectors that make up the economy. Ranging from finance to health, agriculture, renewable energy, transportation and commerce. For the purpose of this article, our attention would be focused on the top 10 Fintech apps in…

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digital assets management software - blockbuild

Best Digital Assets Management Software

Digital asset management, shortly put as DAM is ta software that assists businesses or firms to control, manage storage, centralization, versioning, retrieval, and allocation of marketing assets around a company but with confirmed external parties. This software can keep different file types, which include pictures, documents, video, and audio assets. Alternatively, this particular type of software is…

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Inclusive Fintech 50 competition - blockbuild

CFI opens Applications for Inclusive Fintech 50 Competition

The Centre for Financial Inclusion (CFI) has opened calls for inclusive and early-stage fintech startups to apply for the 2021 Inclusive Fintech 50 competition. This year's inclusive Fintech 50 competition recognizes fintech startups who are driving the borders of innovation and financial inclusion. The competition will showcase fintech startups that are supporting customers on the low side…

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