Looking to succeed in the Fintech industry can be a very pragmatic adventure but can also seem intense.

The Fintech industry is a very exciting place to get involved, as it is expected to grow over the next couple of years.

It is unquestionably one of the wildest forces to hit the conventional banking and finance sector in Nigeria.

Even though the country has experienced a slowdown and renovations of regulations but Fintech is really making waves at the central dealings of banks.

These wild forces now go beyond just payments but now targeting direct lending, and investment banking.

However, this industry has evolved quickly and aided the financial sector in conquering diverse challenges.

To be a part of this industry, you must possess some very specific skills which give you a greater chance to be valuable in the fintech industry.

Some of the skills are:

Blockchain Expertise

The trust embedded in conventional financial organizations was created over a period of devotion to regulations, and track records.

However, this provides a self-reliant assurance to users of the technology as well as introducing a high level of trust.

If you have learned how to apply and operate blockchain technology to every financial process then it will pave way for you as this market space grows.

Blockchain technology simply uses a shared and single agreement as well as a ledger-based system to enable movement, lending, trading, and restoration of harmony between money all over the world.

The Blockchain theory is accepted but as the implementation is tested; it is not easy to comprehend.

In addition, the shortages of people who understand the blockchain ecosystem and abilities to build applications within its environs are quite a few.

Analytical skills

These skills are highly essential and unique simply because it helps you to develop solutions to problems and also to help make necessary decisions on the next line of action.

When you have analytical skills in a Fintech company, it will help you understand and analyze every problem.

It is simply an ability to dissect and break down data as well as interpret trends and give conclusions.

You must be able to analyze, translate challenges in Financial systems to aid technologists comprehend them.

Cyber-security Expertise

FinTech companies are vulnerable to cyber attackers, especially to their security.

Attacks to the cyber systems have a monetary effect on the Fintech industry but they also have other multiple speculative but serious effects.

These attacks may result in legal complications, loss of data, loss of business relationships, and destruction of reputations.

The cyber-security attack may also cause an increase in employee harassment rates when it affects employee confidence.

In addition, cybercriminals are becoming smarter which means cyber-attacks on financial-related industries are sophisticated.

This means that the need for cyber-security experts keeps growing as time runs.

In other words, having this skill will make you extremely valuable to the Fintech industry as well as indispensable.

Soft skills

These sets of skills are essential assets that are required of you to help manage teams, diverse personalities, and also to be a dependable decision-maker.

No FinTech employee can succeed by depending solely on technical and financial skills. However, experts are also required to build an impressive index of soft skills to achieve a lengthen accomplishment in the industry.

In soft skills you can find:

People skills

This skill involves emotional intelligence, effective communication, and empathy.

The wild-force and speed ability of FinTech simply means that employees skilled with high emotions are most likely to excel unlike those who possess only technical and financial skills.

Some people skills also important in this industry include the willingness and ability to unite with others and also teamwork, sustaining relationships, sharing innovative ideas, and ability to manage and manage disagreements.

Problem-solving skills

This involves creativity skills, critical thinking skills because the industry faces quite a number of challenges that need solutions.

These challenges could be legal, technological, and administrative.

NB: unforeseen circumstances could also arise as a form of a challenge as well as your ability to triumph in these skills will help you find solutions to problems that may arise.


The Fintech industry requires you to be flexible and adjustable so you aren’t abandoned because of the consistent changes faced by the industry which could either be technological or financial.

Finally, the ability to change gives a high chance of success in this industry seeing that the Fintech industry evolves continuously.

NB: These rapid changes make them different from the traditional banking system.

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