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ConsenSys - blockbuild

Ethereum Blockchain Company ConsenSys secures $200M Funding

MetaMask, software of Ethereum-based blockchain company, ConsenSys, disclosed that the popular crypto wallet has garnered 21 million monthly active users. The company also announced on Wednesday, that it secured $200 million in funding from its partnership with Coinbase Ventures, HSBC, and other investors. Beginning as an Ethereum incubator, ConsenSys launched its first flagship software product, MetaMask. In April,…

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IndyGeneUS AI - Blockbuild

Blockchain Encrypted Repository IndyGeneUS AI closes 1.5M Funding

IndyGeneUS AI opens its seed round with a $1.5M investment from South African-based venture capital company IsimoVest Venture Capital Partners in addition to an undisclosed amount from a South African angel investor. Located in Cape Town, IsimoVest is a Pan-African venture capital company that specializes in early-stage, high-potential technology ventures that will likely provide highly impactful…

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NFT Art - blockbuild

Review: Creating NFT Art

NFTs is unique digital assets that can be found in video games or other digital environments where people can trade them. These non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exist on a blockchain and represent real-world items, such as game awards, images or video. NFTs enable digital artists to display their work in a decentralized market place rather than art galleries. NFT…

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