Every gadget varies when considering technical capabilities, but all created to put a well-built focus on blockchain, and decentralized applications than the usual iPhone or Android phones.

However, one common feature is intense security which protects your cryptocurrency and private keys.

Meanwhile, some Blockchain phones let you operate on a complete Bitcoin node and also mine cryptocurrency on your mobile device.

In addition, Blockchain phones are obtainable at a number of multiple price points.

So just as other devices, the less expensive models will not be as capable as the expensive star phones are.

The following are top Blockchain phones that qualify as effective and efficient.

Pundi X Blok on Blok (BOB)

Blok on Blok (BOB) is the nickname for the blockchain mobile device.

It developed by Pundi X, who launched it some years ago and is already used by many in the blockchain space.

This phone was formerly known as Xphone and made to work on blockchain technology.

A major feature this device possesses is the ability to store all data inside the phone, this means that the data is not stored or managed by any service provider.

However, this device increases the privacy level of every data. With this device, every user can switch seamlessly from blockchain mode to Android mode.

NB: The android model is not different from the usual experience you have with your traditional Android smartphone.

This blockchain phone’s main objective is to allow users to have total control over all data created and also restricting all invaders from accessing it.

Electroneum M1

Electroneum M1, created by a London-based crypto firm introduced

This phone is a cheap smartphone that uses blockchain technology to pay all users in the advancing world for using the service.

The blockchain phone implements the company’s cloud-based mining that allows all users to earn Electroneum through a mobile app.

However, the ETN cryptocurrency is used to renew the device, proceed with purchases as well as pay for other online services.

Electroneum M1 is sold by local vendors and bought in places like Amazon.

This everyday smartphone competes with high-spec devices and it is suitable for exploring mobile mining.

Lastly, it is a 4G device and also a google GMS-certified smartphone.

Sirin Labs Finney

This blockchain phone doesn’t really look like the usual smartphones but definitely works like them.

The slant design and irregular angles of the device are unique and distinctive

It serves as a cold storage wallet which is a separate slab of hardware from the main phone.

This device slides upward when a user needs to make a transaction as it reveals your safe screen and then it activates your wallet.

NB: The safe screen unveils your critical data

However, this blockchain phone has a built-in token Conversion Service and this enables users to do seamless exchanges between coins and tokens.

In addition, this phone is created with a cold-storage wallet which allows users to carry their tokens securely and also make transactions on the go.

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