Many Nigerians have heard so much about Bitcoin investment but many don’t understand how to go about investing in it through an exchange.

Bitcoin is simply the digital version of paper money, used to buy products and services as well as investment.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is also called a “Border free” currency used as a means of payment and investment as well as transfers from country to country.

This particular cryptocurrency like others is not run by any administration, a governmental body, or any individual except the user.

The ban, made the awareness of Bitcoin investment increase drastically leaving Nigerians with unanswered questions like if Bitcoin investment is legal but in an actual sense, it is very tough to restrict Nigerians from still investing in Bitcoin.

Things you can do with Bitcoin (BTC)
  •  Bitcoin can be used for investment
  • It is used for diversifying your asset
  • Bitcoin is mostly used for trading by which gains are made from the fluctuation in price
  • It is also used for fast money transfers beyond the boundaries of Nigeria (internationally) at a cheap rate.

However, in order to be a part of Bitcoin investment, you need to create an account with an exchange that will secure your Bitcoin investments, and transactions. Examples of some exchanges you can use in Nigeria are;

Easy general steps in investing Bitcoin (BTC) through an Exchange
  • Create an account with your chosen exchange
  • Pay in Naira into your wallet
  • Then buy your preferred amount of Bitcoin

Furthermore, with Quidax exchange you can begin your Bitcoin investment with at least 50 Naira and you have the opportunity to deposit money into your account using your most preferred method of payment like your debit or your bank account.

Advanced steps in investing Bitcoin (BTC) in Nigeria using Quidax

To create an account you have to do the following:

  • Go to
  • Click on create account
  • Enter your details like your name, email address
  • Submit the information
  • Open your email for the verification link
  • Click on your  link
  • Click on ‘my account’
  • Ensure to verify your identity
To buy Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Click instant buy
  •  Select Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency to purchase
  • Click Naira currency as currency to trade with
  • Enter the amount of Bitcoin you intend to purchase
  • Be sure all details filled in are correct
  • Click on buy
  • Check your wallet

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