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Crypto - blockbuild

Recovering Wrongly transferred Crypto

Binance trading methods include day trading and holding are used by cryptocurrency traders. Sometimes, crypto traders occasionally strike it rich and accidentally transfer funds to a non-custodial wallet supporting the currency in the issue. In such cases, it is possible to recover crypto on Binance. Binance users frequently make errors while transferring their funds to the incorrect…

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Flash Loans - blockbuild

Understanding Flash Loans attack

A flash loan is a type of trading where peole borrow an unsecured loan without an intermediary. This is done through a smart contract which will monitor the transactions and ensure that the transaction happens when the user adheres to the rules given in the contract. Basically, the user obtains the loan, uses it and repays it…

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Token Economics - blockbuild

Token Economics: What You need to Know

"Tokenomics" is gotten from the words token and economics. It is a new type of economy designed to be a part of the ecosystem in a blockchain environment. It can simply be referred as Token Economics. Token economy is essentially a community that is involved in all aspects of token creation, analysis, functionality, utilization and distribution. It…

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Griid - blockbuild

Bitcoin Mining Firm Griid closes $525M Credit Facility

During the course of the year, cryptocurrency (especially bitcoin (BTC) mining, has seen millions of dollars invested. Enterprise operations have secured massive deals with bitcoin mining manufacturers like Canaan, Microbt, Bitmain, for thousands of ASIC devices. To increase their mining capacities, bitcoin miners have been building new facilities. Griid Infrastructure, a bitcoin mining company announced on November…

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BICCoN - blockbuild

Freezing of Account not supported by Law – BICCoN

In a statement issued on November 22, The Blockchain Industry Coordinating Committee — Nigeria’s foremost cryptocurrency and blockchain advocacy group (BICCoN) — advises affected companies and individuals to seek legal advice and redress in courts where appropriate. BICCoN maintains that no public or private Nigerian organization should be above the law. The body insists that is unlawful…

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