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NFT - blockbuild

Review: The NFT Innovation

NFTs are on a rampage these days. Taking the first view at it, they may seem like a lively sidetrack during the pandemic, a Twitter trend aimed at stirring collectors to change their profile pictures to colorful little avatars, like the Selena Williams CryptoPunk pin Alexis Ohanian wore to the Met Gala, valued at $280,000. Isn't…

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PoW - blockbuild


The two most popular consensus techniques used by blockchain networks are Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Firstly what is a consensus technique? A requirement of a blockchain network is a collective agreement between all parties that all added information is true. This technique refers to as the consensus. The consensus technique, therefore, is the process that validates…

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Tether - blockbuild

Review: Tether Tokens and its Risks

The threats of investing in cryptocurrency and the motives for its rising demand. Amid digital coins or stabelcoins bound to material assets, USDT, the cryptocurrency of the company Tether, controls a unique place. Numerous trades are done through digital currency because it is pinned with the U.S. dollar at a one-to-one ratio. Tether ranges in the top three…

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Cryptoxpress - blockbuild

CryptoXpress launches Partnerships for Mobile Consumer Solution

The platform CryptoXpress (CX), which proffers mobile consumer solutions for, trouble-free all-in-one access to banking, crypto, and NFT services, has reported the input of several new investors, marketing partnerships, and launchpads. In a recent Press release, the platform reported that either of the partners collated would be contributing to the various combinations of investment, expertise, marketing,…

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