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Crypto Miners - blockbuild

The Threats of Malicious Crypto Miners remains Prevalent in Africa – Kaspersky

Kaspersky Detects Over 1,500 Fraudulent Global Resources Targeting Potential Crypto Investors and Highlights the Threat of Malicious Crypto Miners in Africa Since the beginning of 2021, Kaspersky has detected more than 1,500 fraudulent global resources aimed at potential crypto investors or users who are interested in cryptocurrency mining. During this period, the company also prevented more…

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Coronet Blockchain - blockbuild

From Source to Consumer, Coronet Blockchain is rebranding the Human Hair Supply Chain Ecosystem

Blockchain technology continues to disrupt sectors across the world and the supply chain isn't left out of these new changes. Coronet Blockchain an emerging technology solution is reshaping the future of the hair exchange supply chain across Africa's ZAR 100 billion per year sector. Co-founded by Pretty Kubyane, Coronet Blockchain is deploying an emerging technology rollout to…

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Blockchain - blockbuild

The Converge: Blockchain has unlocked siloed wealth for Africans – Ugochukwu Aronu

In todays’ final spotlight of speakers at The Converge event, we will share the thoughts of Ugochukwu Aronu, Founder and CEO of Xend Finance. Ugochukwu commenced with an overview of what Xend Finance is all about. As explained by Ugochukwu, Xend Finance is a decentralized financial platform that enables individuals, institutions cooperatives, credit unions, to protect themselves…

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Blockchain - blockbuild

The Converge: Blockchain solves the challenge of value transmission – Obinna Iwuno

In todays' spotlight of speakers at The Converge event, we will share the thoughts of Obinna Iwuno the Founder of The Crypto Bootcamp and Executive Secretary of  Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN). In his opening statement, Obinna asserted that blockchain has opened up opportunities for financial inclusion in Africa, stating that the global…

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Blockchain technology - blockbuild

The Converge: Blockchain technology will eventually play out as an alternative platform for service delivery – Chimezie Chuta

Today, we spotlight another speaker's thought at The Converge event during the virtual blockchain and crypto meetup. Chuta Chimezie, the Founder and Coordinator of Blockchain Nigeria User Group in his introductory statement, asserted that The Converge Meetup is an important conversation in the blockchain industry for the development of a healthy ecosystem. According to Chuta, blockchain technology,…

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Blockchain - blockbuild

The Converge: Blockchain technology is natural evolution to a new life – Adedeji Owonibi

Blockbuild a blockchain media platform some weeks ago hosted The Converge, a quarterly Blockchain and Crypto meetup. The virtual event focused on two topics which are: Understanding the Block Revolution and Cryptocurrencies and Africa’s Rapid Development. Blockbuild would be dishing out to you all the engagements of the speakers at the virtual event. Today, we commence with Adedeji…

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