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FinTech - blockbuild

4 Innovative African Women in FinTech

Africa's fintech ecosystem expands with each stride technology takes. From providing solutions to driving a technological revolution in the financial institution's industry. In this article, we will be shining the spotlight on four(4) of these women and how their innovations are changing the face of traditional financing. In no particular order: Odunayo Eweniyi This first-class graduate of…

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Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies - blockbuild

10 Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies You Should Know

It is no news that the Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining protocol that helps the blockchain technology in cryptocurrency to accurately verify transactions, uses a lot of energy. Little wonder many new cryptocurrencies are developing more eco-friendly ways to secure their transactions. One of the popular eco-friendly ways is the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol which reduces the amount of computing…

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Tokens - blockbuild

Crypto Coins vs Tokens: Any Differences?

Understanding the basic distinction between crypto coins and tokens can be a daunting task in the crypto ecosystem, especially for newbies. Coins and tokens are often used interchangeably but there are differences between both. Before we highlight the differences, we will be taken a look at what they are. What are coins? Coins are assets or cryptocurrencies…

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PaxNaija - blockbuild

PaxNaija launch: A Quick look at Paxful’s Line of Initiative

Africa’s top peer-to-peer exchange, Paxful, has launched PaxNaija which is a tech educational center that aims to create an ecosystem for sustainable growth and development for Nigerians, and build a community for business persons and enterprises to profitably learn via training and incubation programs. PaxNaija will also provide an opportunity for training and mentorship on how…

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Cryptowisser - blockbuild

Crypto is More Eco-Friendly than Conventional Banks – Cryptowisser

According to a report by Cryptowisser, a leading cryptocurrency services comparison site, digital currencies are, perhaps, more eco-friendly than conventional banks. The crypto community has undergone major scrutiny from conventional media especially with concerns about climate change. In the report, Cryptowisser further highlighted that conventional banks do not get as much smoke as the crypto community despite…

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