What are Digital Assets?

A digital asset is basically any digital file that offers value to your company or to an individual.

Ultimately, these assets are categorized in a way that is instantly accessible to any department or person within your organization and it is also easy to share.

Here’s one important thing to know about digital assets because when many people hear the term they believe it is strictly related to specific assets such as videos, logos, and images, which is extremely not the case.

However, these assets comprise any type of digital files such as audio, PDFs, design files presentations, as well as spreadsheets, and also anything a modern company requires in their toolkit to assist tech, marketing, legal, and sales initiatives.

It is also essential to recollect that the definition of what digital asset is continuous changes with technology because as new digital file formats are developed, they are included on the list.

However, there are some constants that any digital asset must possess in order for it to be classified as one:

  • It should be easily accessible
  • It must be a digital file
  • It must be shareable
  • It should be valuable to any company
  • It must be searchable
Why are Digital Assets Important?

Even though digital assets aren’t physical products or things you can physically feel but they are still extremely valuable to every company.

If you consider every moment to decide to create a marketing campaign or venture into a product launch you will realize you need digital assets like images, videos that describe the products up for sale.

Also, logos and branding to assist customers in recognizing the specific products as well as spreadsheets and presentations that will help you arrange the marketing/sales campaign for it.

However, every element mentioned is impossible to do without the use of a perfectly organized database of digital assets.

In fact, digital assets are so essential that companies are now spending expensively on digital content activities yearly although some do not utilize their investment wisely.

How to Make Digital Assets More Accessible

While accepting what digital assets are as well as why they are so essential to your company, a yet often overlooked part of successful digital asset management is how they’re kept, secured and accessed.

This is because if you and the team cannot find the asset they have spent quality time creating then sadly all efforts may have been for nothing.

Also, this is the situation when it comes to evaluating the most recent assets in your database so if you can only retrieve old files or in a case where the most recent versions are not correctly labeled you are however at great risk of wrong assets being used on marketing campaigns and product launches.

Therefore, when you are working with a large number of digital asset types, it is common that things can easily get missing in the mix if you don’t apply a system for searching, organizing, and for those assets.

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